Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test - Revised. An individual test of phonological and phonemic awareness, with Australian norms that cover the first to the fourth year of schooling. Assesses identification and manipulation of syllables, rhymes and phonemes, and includes tests of nonword reading and spelling. 15 mins to administer.

$198 (inc. GST). Optionally add $49 for an administration DVD. Order using the form below.



School Entry Alphabetic & Phonological Awareness Readiness Test. An individual, criterion-referenced test pf phonological awareness and early alphabet knowledge. Suitable for children just before or just after entering formal schooling. Includes a video demonstrating administration and scoring, and extensive suggestions for intervention based on test results. 10 mins to administer.

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Astronaut Invented Spelling Test - 2. A test of phonemic awareness and the early development of the knowledge of spelling patterns, suitable for primary school aged children. May be administered individually or in groups, and takes less than 10 mins to complete. Includes Australian norms for the first 4 years of schooling, video demonstration of administration and scoring, and extensive suggestions for intervention based on test results.

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Foundations of Early Literacy Assessment. An individual test assessing two of the foundational skills that enable young students to benefit from early literacy teaching: phonological awareness and grasp of the alphabetic principle. Designed for students who speak English, whether as a first or additional language. Suitable for students just before they enter formal schooling, and remains relevant throughout Early Primary School. Takes up to 30 mins to administer. Scores are interpreted in terms of mastery of underlying skills at appropriate grades, and suggestions are provided for support. Kit includes a USB stick with the manual, stimulus presentation, administration instructions, scoresheet and other consumables, and a video demonstrating administration and scoring. A hard copy of the manual is also provided.

$198 (inc. GST). Order using the form below.

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